AUX delivers fair, transparent, and programmatically enforceable auctions.

What is AUX?

AUX is a network of auction houses and smart contracts designed to make any blockchain asset easily auctionable in a fair, transparent, and programmatically enforceable way.

AUX Ecosystem

Auction Houses

The most valuable asset within the AUX ecosystem. Auction Houses are decentralized applications (dApps) with reserves of AUX tokens that have the ability to deploy new Auction Template Contracts, as well as interface with the smart contracts provided by AUX. Anyone with a sufficient quantity of AUX tokens can create an Auction House.

AUX Platform

The Auction House dApp built and maintained by the AUX team, which also publishes Auction Template Contracts (ATCs) that can be used by Auction Houses. Some, but not all, ATCs will be available to Houses with no fee for their use.

AUX Token

An ERC20/ERC223-compatible utility token that will be used to interface with AUX contracts. It will serve as the mechanism for fee-based auctions as well as payment to generate Auction Template Contracts.

Auction Template Contracts

Smart contracts that comply with a standard interface set by the AUX team. These can be public or private. New variations on ATCs can be added by Auction Houses directly. ATCs create Auction Contracts.

Auction Contracts

Contracts to operate a single auction or set of auctions, generated by an Auction Template Contract.


2017 Q4

  • AUX is conceptualized
  • Work on white paper begins
  • Begin smart contract development

2018 Q1

  • Release of the white paper
  • Private token pre-sale
  • is live

2018 Q2

  • Public token pre-sale
  • MVP live on testnet
  • Partnership development

2018 Q3

  • MVP live on mainnet
  • Crowdsale using the AUX Platform MVP
  • Release of open-source dApp for house management

2018 Q4

  • Begin platform tooling and infrastructure development
  • Release of twelve-month roadmap

Executive Team

As technical co-founder and VP of Engineering at GoCoin, Kevin built the GoCoin platform and oversaw integrations with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Tether (Omni), making GoCoin the first payment processor in the space to handle altcoin-to-fiat conversions. He has been in blockchain since 2013 and is a veteran of startups, having managed software teams at Connectivity, Hulu, and Vertebrae prior to founding AUX.
Kevin Beauregard

Kevin Beauregard

Founder, CEO
Eric has led engineering teams at several organizations, most recently serving as Director of Engineering at Fox Networks Group, and frequently gives technical talks at conferences across the globe. This spring he will complete his master's degree in computer science from Georgia Tech with a specialization in machine learning, including work in computational finance, cryptography, distributed systems, and game theory.
Eric Weinstein

Eric Weinstein

Founder, CTO
Todd is a veteran product strategist and serial entrepreneur in e-commerce and digital media. He co-founded Hollow Trees, a successful product development agency, in 2007. While there, he worked on products for JVC,, Leadpoint, and dozens of others. Todd's business acumen, creative mind, and expertise as a user experience designer have been instrumental in the success of multiple early-stage startup ventures.
Todd Moffett

Todd Moffett

VP Product


Steve Beauregard

Steve Beauregard

Craig Sellars

Craig Sellars

Darren Rush

Darren Rush